Our Impact

We value innovation + sustainability.
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Our Impact

Grand CITY is a leader in transformational change and community collaboration. We value youth and stakeholder input as a key component of organizational success.

We are widely regarded by practitioners and funders as one of the most innovative, ambitious, and outcomes-focused youth development agencies. Through our expertise, coupled with organizing efforts, Grand CITY informs local policies that support proven-risk young people. Organizations across the state seek to learn from us how to infuse sports and policy to engage hard-to-reach youth and to produce positive outcomes through transformative services.  

We are a learning and teaching agency. Ultimately, the young people we serve return to Grand CITY as the agency’s next generation of youth workers!

Sustainability is a driving theme in all of Grand CITY’s work. At the individual level, we see it on a daily basis as young people, otherwise overlooked and labeled as the most “at-risk” in our community, achieve their own personal goals in partnership with Grand CITY coaches.  At an agency level and community level, it is evident in how we operate our workforce programming. 


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